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Ninjas are fast, efficient, and never miss (a deadline).

As a part of ContentNinja, you'll be working closely with one of the partners, until we're confident that you're skilled enough for solo missions.

We expand rapidly. Based on your profile and your responses, we'll either get you on board right away, or keep you in our 'potential-member-pipeline' until we need more members, so don't get heartbroken if we don't reply right away.

Most of our members work on a per-project part-time/freelancer basis. We'll ask you for your quotation before each project, and accordingly assign work to you.

If you muck up or delay stuff, we're looking bad in front of the client. That's why we penalize for late work. We're strict with deadlines, so when we ask you "How long will this take?", give us a target you can meet.

Otherwise you'll find how handy we are with shurikens here.
What's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_26973875}}, what's your last name?

Where's your ninja crib, {{answer_26973875}}? *

Or in simpler, non-ninja terms: Where do you live?
What's your in-use mobile number?

Only terrible ninjas can't keep secrets (and we're the best ones). We won't share your number with anyone else, and we're too cool to spam you.
What's your ninja skill? *

Pick out the field that you're HIGHLY SKILLED at, and can work on at a very professional level.
If you're a ninja in training, apply again later, when you're good at what you do :)

So {{answer_26973875}}, how skilled are you at {{answer_26973879}}?

(An honest ninja is a well-paid, quickly hired ninja)

And what are you doing right now? *

What kind of a ninja are you open to being? (We're based out of Delhi) *

Can we get a link to your online portfolio/best work yet, if any?

If not, share a google doc with the content/screenshots of your work that you're most proud of.
How about a short bio? *

Pitch yourself. Tell us about what drives you(be brutally honest here), the kind of work you've done before, and the sort of projects you'd like to work on.

Convince us that you'll be a good fit at ContentNinja!
Any more links to your work that you want us to check out?

Almost there {{answer_26973875}}! Now do you have any questions for us?

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